Mittwoch, 8. März 2017

Wie kommt man noch schneller an Gold in Clash Royale?

Wie Ihr alle wisst, ist Gold die  aller wertvollste und wichtigste Ressource im Spiel Clash Royale, denn mit Hilfe von Gold kannst du fast alles bekommen. Jedoch kosten die Upgrades in Clash Royale so einiges. Das schöpft oft den ganzen Goldbestand auf und lässt uns einige Tage warten und Gold sparen bis wir wieder ausreichend Gold besitzen. Deswegen versuche ich euch heute zu zeigen wie man an jede Menge Gold kommt!

Möglichkeiten um kostenlos an Gold zu kommen:

  • Truhen öffnen
  • Spenden  von Karten
Angenommen, du bist ein Gelegenheitsspieler in der Arena...
Der wahrscheinlich einfachste Weg um an Gold zu kommen ist wohl das Öffnen von Truhen. Versuche Truhen zu öffnen wann immer du die Möglichkeit dazu bekommst in dem du dich jeden Tag einigen Schlachten stellst. Du kannst rund 80 Gold aus einer Truhe erwirtschaften. Das heißt das du ungefähr 320 Gold jeden Tag nur durch das Öffnen von Truhen erwirtschaftest (2 in der Früh und zwei vor dem zubett gehen).
Das Spenden von Karten ist eine weitere Möglichkeit um an Truhen heran  zu kommen. Du solltest Facebook Gruppen beitreten um aktive Clans beizutreten und das Spenden von Karten beantragen.
 Viele Spieler meinen das es doof sei, seine mühevoll verdienten Karten her zu geben. Natürlich ist es schwierig jedoch kriegst du im Gegenzug Erfahrungspunkte und 5 Gold für jede weitere Karte die du her gibst und sogar fünfzig Gold für rare Karten. Außerdem kannst du alle gespendeten Karten zurück erhalten. Es kostet dein Gegenüber kein Gold damit sie Karten von dir bekommen. Es ist nämlich so als ob du Karten verkaufst aber der Käufer muss nichts dafür bezahlen.
 Stell dir vor du spendest jeden Tag 8 seltene Karten, welche 80 Plätze deiner täglichen Limits einnehmen. Der Rest wäre dann 160 Commons (Du kannst jeden Tag 240 Kartenplätze spenden). Das bedeutet du kannst bis zu 8 x 50 + 1600 x 5 = 1200 Gold verdienen nur in dem du Karten spendest.
 Dadurch dass du spendest, bist du in de Lage du zu 4 epische Karten aus dem Marktplatz ersteigern. Und das auch nochjede Woche! Du wärst verrückt wenn du diese nicht wollen würdest, denn es ist verdammt hart an diese epischen Karten ran zu kommen.
 Summieren wir mal alles was wir im obigen Beispiel gerechnet haben und rechnen das mal hoch auf einen Monat:
1200 Gold x 30 Tage + 320 x 30 Tage = 45600 Gold das entspricht den Kosten für eine legendäre Karte.
 Sollte dir dieser Beitrag gefallen haben, dann besuche die folgende Seite


Dienstag, 5. Juli 2016

Akibass Trip: My Honest Review

Oh yea, Japan’s most popular anime and game district exposed! Tokyo’s “Electric Town” is being invaded by the undeath. Simply enter, the called “Akiba Freedom Fighters” – an organization dedicated to bringing peace to all these neon streets and one garment at time.

Akiba’s Trip: Undead & Undressed – 2.5Alex O’Connor

This game does not play very well. I find the combat to be extremely clunky and that it doesn’t flow well. Even running around kind of seems a little goofy, but the combat is where it mattered and to me, it just doesn’t work very well. I found myself becoming a punching bag when enemies would attack me and not being able to break their attacks, maybe there was a way, I’m not entirely sure. All I know is that the enemies would eventually end their barrage of hits, and that you would easily be able to take them down. The cutscenes were also not really cutscenes in my opinion, they were just characters on the screen with dialogue boxes and horrible voice acting (more on that later.)

The graphics were the high point of this game. It did look very good and the world seemed to pop as I would expect from something set in Tokyo. Even though the world may have looked good, it didn’t appear as crisp and clean as other games released this year which didn’t really hit well with me.

This was a bad one. The English voice acting was horrendous and I will admit, I did not turn on the Japanese voice acting, but I’m sure it was probably a lot better than their English counterparts. I think the high part of the English voice acting would be the actress who voiced Nana, that seemed to fit well.

Akiba’s story just couldn’t draw me in. I was expecting a funny story that may have made no sense, but what I got was a jumbled mess. I couldn’t focus and failed to be entertained by the main story. The best part about this game is actually the things you can do on your phone. Yes, that’s right, this video game has a phone as a major portion and it actually works well. I enjoyed reading the forums, emails and various messages that would pop up and found them to be very funny. Also, I will admit, some of the dialogue options were funny and seemed fitting for this modern age.Alex’s overall rating for

Read the full review here:

Donnerstag, 30. Juni 2016

Magic Rush: Heroes for Android combined in a fantastic world the best elements of role, simulation and strategy game. In a magical environment meet mystical figures and carry the epic battle between good and evil from. But, who is going on refined, with strategic skill and performs tasks arises in the fight talents can restore lasting peace.

Magic Rush: Heroes for Android - let the fights begin!

The game can be expanded after downloading a German Language Pack, Standard is an English-language interface. After installation is complete players managed by a not unattractive mixture of Amazone and elves through the tutorial and already the battle begins against an invading army of death riders. After the basic functions have been declared and the victory over the attacker's achievement, the tutorial and the actual game ends begins.

A variety of options and a rich graphics in manga style

Compared to other games of the genre to Magic Rush highlights: Heroes Android by two points from positive. First, the characters and the setting are extremely detailed drawn and animated beautifully. Secondly, the game offers a combination of different genres. So gamers will get their money, favor the strategy and structure of games. Additionally offer daily challenges, PVP battles and tower defense elements on many game options and an infinite number of alternative strategies. By earn coins, diamonds or runic forces strengthened or the equipment can be improved. In difficult campaigns alliances can be linked with other players. In the very active community, there should be no problem to find a suitable strategic partner.
You can read more about it here:

Not for small children:

As entertaining Magic Rush: Heroes Android is, it is due to the erotic and not to be named pacifist content only for children over 13 years. Both of service and the privacy policy of the provider put this forward as a minimum. In addition, the app offers the possibility of equipment or upgrades via in-app purchases to acquire. What is common in freemium offerings, however, can be a cost trap quickly. If you want to avoid this, can establish a password for in-app purchases or prohibit them entirely under his PlayStore settings.

Dienstag, 28. Juni 2016

AppNana – Real Deal or another Scam?

Mobile apps are published in thousands on a daily basis, it is rare that an app comes which promises to pay its users. It is even rare to find that any of these apps is not a scam. A new app, with the name AppNana, has recently been published on Apple’s and Android’s app stores. This app offers points or nanas as it calls them, to its users for completing certain tasks. These accumulated nanas can then be traded for real rewards like paid apps or gift cards for different websites. The question is, is AppNana another scam like the hundreds similar apps or do we finally have the real deal in the form of AppNana?

What is this AppNana Everyone is talking about?

AppNana is available to everyone to be freely downloaded from both Apple’s and Google’s app stores. There are no charges for either downloading it or using it. The way you earn nanas (points) is by downloading the applications recommended by AppNana and using them for some time – told by AppNana.

What can the Nanas be used for?

These nanas are then available to be traded with a wide variety of gift cards and paid apps. The most popular option according to the statistics is paid apps for example popular applications like Angry Birds etc. can be had for a couple of nanas. Those who don’t want paid apps always have the option of getting gift cards for online stores like Amazon, iTunes, Google Play etc.

Shortcut for Free Extra Points?

There is also a referral program to quickly earn nanas. Those users which have a good following on their Twitter profile or YouTube channels can easily promote the app on these mediums and share their invite links with their subscribers. They earn nanas for every new user coming from their invite code. The website statistics tell that there are users whose referrals can earn them more than three hundred dollars’ worth of gift cards which can then be used for shopping different things.


All is not rosy in the world of free goodies. Even though most of the users agree that they’re satisfied with the payouts from AppNana but there are some who have complained that signing up with AppNana can lead to getting a large number of unsolicited emails. AppNana has not officially accepted or declined on their policy of sharing the personal information of their users with their partners. There is also a complaint from some android users about getting viruses after downloading AppNana however it has been discovered that the affected members were those who downloaded it from a place other than the official sources like the app stores.


It can be reasonably seen that AppNana is a legitimate way of using some of the time you spend on your mobile devices into an opportunity to make money for yourself. The gift cards you earn can be used to buy music, books or games for yourself or your friends and family. Moreover, by downloading AppNana, you’re opening yourself to a world of possibility by discovering new apps you mind not have found otherwise.